Caravan owners - welcome to the 21st century!

Have you ever been in the shower in your caravan when the water has run out? Preparing a meal when the water has run dry? Washing the dog? etc etc

It's a sad fact of life that we only notice we're out of water when it stops flowing, and this is precisely when we want it!

Perhaps you kick the water container from time to time, or pick it up to check it?

Some caravans have inboard tanks to get around this, but they don't really help if you're soaped up in the shower! You might yell for help and get someone to switch the supply while you wait... And then wait for the water to heat...

Aqualert to the rescue!

What is it?

Aqualert is a small box of smart electronics which straps to the side of your water container. When the water falls below the level of your Aqualert device it warns you by sounding an alarm inside your caravan.

Aqualert is water resistant. It has no dangling wires or pipes. Not even a switch to turn it on & off.

Installation & use

Install the batteries. Aqualert requires 4xAAA batteries. Unscrew the lid and insert batteries into the holder. Avoid tugging on the wires and replace the lid securely.

Attach your Aqualert to your water container using the cord provided. A good position is just above the lower tyre on most containers (Aquaroll etc). In this position you will  be warned when you have about 10 litres of water remaining. This might be enough for one quick shower but maybe  not two?

Ensure that the 'ON' sign is upwards. This switches on your Aqualert.

On the reverse side of Aqualert:

The disk in the middle of the box is the sensor. It helps Aqualert if this is as flat as possible against your water container. The rubber strips are simply there to help keep it in place. Tighten the cord so that the sensor is in contact with your container.

When you turn your Aqualert to the 'ON' position it will sound the chime a couple of times to tell you it's working. Then it will sleep for about five minutes - this is to give you time to place it where you want without sounding the alarm prematurely. It will sound the chime again when it has started work. If you don't attach it within five minute just turn it to the 'OFF' position and then back to the 'ON' position

Aqualert will warn you  when you are running low on water. The chime  sounds rather like a doorbell, because that's exactly what it is. Place it somewhere convenient in your caravan. Ideally it should be placed as close as possible to the Aqualert device.

To silence the alarm, you need to remove the Aqualert from your container and  turn it to the 'OFF' position.  When not in use. be sure to store it in the 'OFF' position to preserve the batteries.
As with any battery powered appliance, it's sensible to remove the batteries if it won't be used for a while.

So, now that you know you are running low, go & get some more water. And start again!
Hopefully we've made Aqualert easy to use.

Technical stuff

Aqualert uses advanced signal processing technology to detect water in your container. A microprocessor checks the level every ten seconds. If the level is low it sends an encoded message on the 433MHz ISM band.
A receiver (an electronic doorbell) inside your caravan is triggered when your water is getting low. Aqualert is housed in a IP65 box. There are no external wires, switches etc open to the elements. It is weatherproof.

Power is from 4xAAA batteries which should last a season of typical caravanning.

Frequently asked questions

Q. How much??
A. Less than a spare Aquaroll!

Q. How does Aqualert 'know' on from off?
A. It has a gravity sensing switch.

Q. What if my neighbour has one? Is this a problem? Will it interfere?
A. Your neighbour's Aqualert is unlikely to use the same code as yours.

Q. Is the shape of the container important?
A. No, as long as your Aqualert is held in place.

Q. Can I use a metal container?
A. No.

Q. What's with the doorbell?
A. It's simply a convenient way to send an alert.

Q. Can I use it as a doorbell?
A. Yes. We include the bell-push if you really want to use it...

Q. Does Aqualert work if I use an insulated cover in the winter?
A. Yes. Put the cover over your container & your Aqualert.

Q. What if my water is frozen?
A. Open a bottle of wine instead?

Q. Can Aqualert send a message to my mobile phone?
A. Not now. Maybe in future.

Q. Can I use it with my rain water butt at home?
A. Sure! You might need a longer strap though?

Q. Is Aqualert waterproof?
A. It's weatherproof - don't take it swimming...

Q. Can I use two Aqualerts on the same container? One high & one low?
A. Yes! And one in the middle! Buy three! And one spare...

Trade enquiries welcomed