Aquapump - coming soon

It's no secret that today's UK caravans are designed by idiots & assembled by chimpanzees on work experience courses!

There are so many simple things lacking in modern vans. We hope to fill a few of the gaps!
Aquapump is a smart pump controller designed by ACTUAL caravan users. It's the kind of thing that should really be included when you buy a caravan.

What is it?

Aquapump is a multi-purpose pump controller for caravans. It uses a microcontroller to manage 12v pumps.
This might be your fresh water pump or your heating pump (for example).

It is designed to do four different things:

You should probably buy four! You select the mode of operation using jumper pins on the board.

Pump saver

Caravan water pumps don't like running dry. They get hot & burn out.
Aquapump detects when your fresh water is running dry & disables the pump before it is damaged.
It's simply spliced into your existing pump wiring.

Soft start

We've heard stories about certain heating pumps starting up rather  noisily...
Aquapump can kick your pump into action straight away or turn it on gradually, and quietly over a few seconds or minutes.
The rate is set by turning the knob on the board. Once again, it's simply spliced into your existing pump wiring.


Aquapump uses PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) to control motor/pump speed. This might be useful if your heating pump is consistently noisy.
It probably doesn't need to run flat out all of the time so you can turn it down a little. Because PWM is intrininsically efficient this can also help your battery if you're not on EHU.
Aquapump can also be used to control the fan speed in blown air heating systems. It can also be used to control the brightness of lights

Aquawaste senior

This product was originally designed for Aquawaste senior, a bespoke design to pump waste water 100ft away & uphill!
You can make your own Aquawaste senior if you're technically inclined. In this mode Aquapump drives a pump sitting in a receiving vessel (probably a bucket) and waits for water.
When water is detected it starts work and empties the vessel, then switches itself off. Obviously you need a 12v submersible pump & a source of power. The original Aquawaste uses a separate SLA battery.
A none return valve is also required for uphill use.

The PCB is designed to fit a watertight enclosure. Details are provided on the Aquawaste page.

How does it work?

Aquapump uses a microcontroller to look after things. That's the chip with 8 pins in the photo above.
In 'pump saver' and 'Aquawaste senior' modes it measures the current used by the pump. Pumping water takes more current than pumping air.
So Aquapump 'knows' if the water container is empty.
If your water container is empty, Aquapump will notice after a few seconds & disable the pump. It won't run forever getting hotter & hotter... & hotter.
In Aquawaste senior mode the microcontroller periodically checks for water in the receiving vessel

PWM & soft start are very similar. In PWM mode the twiddly knob controls the output to your pump. Think of it as a 'volume control'
In 'soft start' mode the pump is started slowly. Twiddling the knob offers delays from instant to a couple of minutes.

What does it cost? when? where?

The projected cost of Aquapump is £13.99 + £1.40 P&P in the UK
We are in the final testing stages and boards should be available November 2018
They will be available to purchase from this page.
We'll add some demonstration videos here soon.