Caravan owners - welcome to the 21st century!

Have you ever been in the shower in your caravan when the water has run out? Preparing a meal when the water has run dry? Washing the dog? etc etc

It's a sad fact of life that we only notice we're out of water when it stops flowing, and this is precisely when we want it!

Perhaps you kick the water container from time to time, or pick it up to check it?

Aquatest to the rescue!

What is it?

Aquatest is a small hand held water sensor. When it's touched against the side of your water container a LED lights if water is detected at the point where you touch.

Touch near the bottom of the container & the LED will light. Slide it up the side of the container & the LED will go out when the water level is found.

It is much more accurate than kicking your container or picking it up!

Aquatest is powered from a single coin cell which should last an entire season of use.

See how it works:

It didn't show up very well outdoors, so for the disbelievers:

How about this? It works on the toilet cassette too!

How much?

Less than you might think... How does £2.99 sound ?

That's less than the price of a pint nowadays!


Aqualert is our premium product which is soon to be released. It has a fixed sensor attached to your container and alerts you indoors when your water is running low. It's significantly more expensive than Aquatest, but it does the checking for you. Take a look.

Buy an Aquatest now for £2.99 plus £1.40 p&p

Small print

Aquatest isn't waterproof. The sensor has a protective lacquer coating but you probably shouldn't submerge it. Aquatest uses almost no power from the battery except when the LED is lit - lots of things will light the LED; skin, metal, some worktops etc. You should store Aquatest somewhere so that the LED is not lit. Your cutlery drawer is not the place or you will flatten the battery prematurely. We find that a small magnet on the fridge door is a good place.