Aquawaste Junior

Caravan owners - welcome to the 15th century!

On a 'fully serviced' pitch there is no standard.  Connecting water & waste pipes can be quite a challenge sometimes.

The water supply is usually easy. All you're ever likely to need is a hose pipe. Or perhaps a longer hose pipe!

What about the waste? Carrying a pile of pipes & plumbing fittings is one solution, and it can be quite expensive, we didn't like it!

What is Aquawaste?

Aquawaste comes in two flavours: Aquawaste Junior & Aquawaste Senior.

With both systems, waste water from your van goes into the WWRV (Waste Water Receiving Vessel) - also known as a bucket!

Aquawaste Junior is very simple. A bucket with a pipe attached! You could easily make your own but it might actually cost you more than buying from us! You might also ruin several buckets...

One continuous pipe is used. No 'trombone' pipes propped up on bricks or slings attached to awning rails etc etc.

The bucket has a connector which is attached to a flexible delivery hose. The hose feeds to the drain. If your outlets are close together you can drain directly into the bucket.

At the end of your trip you can coil up the pipe & put it in the bucket, ready for next time. The hose is much more flexible than the 'usual' stuff. See the photo above.
You don't need half a plumbers shop dripping drain water in your front locker on your way home!
You don't need to spend ages setting it up!

What you get

OK - it's a bucket & a pipe. You were expecting more?

How it works

You're kidding? The water goes in the bucket, then to the drain!
On a faintly serious note, the bucket acts as a reservoir.
The drainage pipe is 1" internal diameter. This is larger than the waste pipes we've seen on any caravan so shouldn't get blocked.
On a decent (ie level) seviced pitch, the fall to the drainage point is likely to be small, and drainage can be slow. The bucket helps with this, you don't get water backing up.

Aquawaste Junior costs £13.99 + £3.99 delivery (UK mainland only)