Getting at Node-Red

To use Node-Red we have a few options:

In Q1.01 there is a wireless network called 'dlink-8C58' on which there are three Raspberry Pi model B devices at IP addresses,, All three devices are running 'The Thingbox' firmware.

To access these devices you need to join the dlink-8C58 network (password: ENGD2003), there are at least two ways of doing this:
In each case you navigate to Node-Red by using a URL such as, this is because the default port for Node-Red is 1880.
The Thingbox is pre-configured with the Mosquitto MQTT broker 'Mosquitto' which is available on port 1883. You are not compelled to use the MQTT broker on the same device as Node-Red but it probably makes sense.
If you are working with Node-Red in more than one place (eg in the lab and at home) it's a good idea to identify Mosquitto using 'localhost' rather than explicitly specifying a IP address as this will make your work portable:

Some of you have your own Raspberry Pi. You can use them in the lab by connecting to the dlink network or (I am told) you can create your own wireless network (hotspot) by using your mobile phone.

My prefered choice of Raspberry Pi is the Zero because it is super cheap, however it's a pain in the bum to set up compared to some of the more expensive versions. For the truly ambitious there are many alternatives to the Pi, I have used the Friendly ARM NanoPi M1 in the past & will hopefully make this available in the lab.

For those of you who don't have a rPi and still want to work at home(!) there is a Windows alternative. It's very easy to set up & seems to be solid (although it is fairly new!) You need to install a few bits & pieces, but as I said, it's easy. A very good YouTube video explains how to do it.

There are pros & cons to this: A PC is an unlikely 'real world' solution, but the version of Node-Red is more recent than The Thingbox. Because of this it integrates the Node-Red 'dashboard' which is a cute way of presenting data. In future we will probably have Node-Red installed on the lab PCs for prototyping and use (eg) Raspberry Pi for final deployment.

Unfortunately I can't get this to work on a Mac but the only Mac I have is rather old.


Setting up MQTT on a PC is a little more obscure, or maybe it is just me... It took me a while to do this :(
Take a look here & in particular, look at the section: Quick Windows Install

Ian Sexton 2017